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Location: Wightman-Wieber Park

Thanks and Kudos to Wightman-Wieber Charitable Foundation and The City of Sandusky!

Monday, January 26, 2009
Recently flooded rink had many rough spots and holes due to leaks in the rink bed, but the skaters came anyway. This rink needs to be flooded again.

Friday afternoon, February 23, 2007
Unseasonably warm weather permitted leaks in the rink bed to drain it entirely.

Friday afternoon, February 16, 2007, 6 PM
Blizzard, Shmizzard!  In spite of a challenging week, Sandusky city crews
managed to clear the rink at WW Park, and most of the ice is quite usable.
The bench is a welcome addition.

Saturday afternoon, February 10, 2007

Late in the week, the rink had about an inch of snow but it was usable. Then, some
amazing person or persons shovelled the rink!

Sunday afternoon, February 4, 2007
Temp: 4 degrees F, wind chill: -17 F
Ice quality was excellent.  Wightman-Wieber Park is centrally
located and sheltered from the wind. A bit of sunshine made it a
good day for skating despite the bitter cold.

L-R: Emily Yost, Emily Leimbach, Diane Leimbach, Eli Leimbach

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