Sandusky Ice Reports

No ice-covered water is "safe." Just slipping and falling on ice can cause serious injury or even death. Ice-covered water poses a significant risk of injury or death.  If the ice is too thin or too weak, you can fall through the ice and die from drowning, hypothermia, cardiac arrest, or stroke.

Your physical condition strongly effects your chance of survival if you fall through the ice.

Frozen waterway conditions can change rapidly
Get qualified, experienced assistance!

Never venture onto frozen waterways alone! If you decide to go on the ice, wear a life jacket and carry ice awls.

The conditions described in this site are based upon casual observations by non-experts and must NOT be relied upon for personal safety. You are responsible for your own safety!

Ice sailing is an inherently dangerous "extreme sport" that requires expert instruction.

This warning can not be comprehensive and does not describe all hazards or needed precautions.

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