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! WARNING ! No ice is "safe." Ice is slippery and frozen waterway conditions can change rapidly. Click here for more.

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Location:  Lions Park

Friday afternoon, February 23, 2007 - City crews have added a bench in case hoped-for improved conditions occur.

Friday afternoon, February 16, 2007, 6 PM

Ice rink not ready for prime time.City crews took a shot at the Lions rink, too, but
this snow near the Bay was a bit heavier.

Looking forward to a Summer picnic


Saturday afternoon, February 10, 2007
LIONS PARK UPDATE:  The City has re-flooded the rink and ice quality is excellent!!!

Sunday afternoon, February 4, 2007   temp: 4 degrees F, wind chill: -17 F
At Lions Park the ice wasn't as good, with insufficient water depth for good
ice strength, but there were a few usable patches and two local kids
were undeterred. 

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